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Consolidator Steampunk Disruptor
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Colonel James Fizziwig has done it again with his consolidator disruptor steampunk gun. Don't mess with Colonel James Fizziwig! He has a whole bunch of these awesome guns and you apparently have none. You should remedy this situation!
Eccid Blaster Steampunk Ray Gun
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If you can only afford one Colonel James Fizziwig blaster, then this is the one you want to own. The laser cartridge is removable and the whole gun comes off of the stand. Proudly display it and always be ready for the call to action!
Liberator Steampunk Blaster
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This awesome blaster crafted by Colonel James Fizziwig will be the star of your bookshelf. Buy two and have THE COOLEST BOOKENDS EVER. Real-gun enthusiasts might point out that having the bullets poking out the front of the barrel doesn't make sense... WHATEVER!