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Titanium Steampunk Goggles
Officially named The Titanium Photochromatic Variable-Aperture Spectacles, these one-of-a-kind goggles feature iris diopters that can dilate to actually increase sharpness of vision at long distances. 48 brass bolts connect the tanned leather to the metal. Wow!
Hi-Voltage Steampunk Ring
Generate some hi-voltage energy with this pewter ring from Alchemy of England. As you twist the ring over your magnetic finger, electricity is induced in the copper coils which can then power your iPod (in theory).
Liberator Steampunk Blaster
This awesome blaster crafted by Colonel James Fizziwig will be the star of your bookshelf. Buy two and have THE COOLEST BOOKENDS EVER. Real-gun enthusiasts might point out that having the bullets poking out the front of the barrel doesn't make sense... WHATEVER!
Consolidator Steampunk Disruptor
Colonel James Fizziwig has done it again with his consolidator disruptor steampunk gun. Don't mess with Colonel James Fizziwig! He has a whole bunch of these awesome guns and you apparently have none. You should remedy this situation!
Make Your Own Jewelry & Devices
The Steampunk Emporium gives you 20 unique steampunk designs that are easy and fun to build. Each design has a story woven around it to make it even more fun. Be prepared to be inspired!
Steampunk Cufflinks
You know you will look debonair and ultra-cool in these custom steampunk cufflinks. All of the professors and mad scientists are wearing them!
The Brass Machinist Keyboard
This grimy, dirty machinist themed keyboard is hand built with a classical typewriter typeface on a black leather background. A brass spider gear holds up the back end. The keyboard wire is even a brown cloth cable to complete the package.
Steampunk Gas Mask Statue
About 10 inches tall, this hand-painted statue is a tribute to the brave men and women who suffered during The Great Steampunk War of 1890. Remember them and let us never forget their great sacrifice!
Victorian Futurism
This hard cover book is light on cogs and heavy with truly fascinating and inspirational art work sourced from all over the world. It covers beautiful illustrations and photographs right through to mind boggling gadgets and amazing wearable art.
Steampunk Dragonfly Necklace
This beautiful work of art from Alchemy of England combines dragonfly wings with a clockwork body and a jewel tail. Easily a signature piece that will set you apart as a refined steampunk lady.
Bag-O-Steampunk Watch Gears
Use these actual watch gears to embellish any costume, piece of jewelry, or device. These are real watch pieces and not molded plastic junk. Give your creations a little steampunk bling bling!
The Clacker Full PC Suite
The Clacker is a full PC suite with everything, including keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, PC, LCD, speakers, table, and even a matching chair. You have to call and make an offer, but it won't be cheap!!! The keyboard alone goes for over $1000! My guess is $5000 to $10000.
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Steampunk Heels
Make quite the entrance in these decked out steampunk heels! The heel is quite tall which makes a striking sight. Amazing reviews on Amazon! Available in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
Feromonic Field Detector Ring
This feromonic field detector steampunk ring is ideal for detecting feromonic fields, as one would expect. Don't accept cheap imitations! Only this ring is officially licenced to detect feromonic fields. Simply wave the ring through a feromonic field and it will be detected.
Steampunk Computer
Behold The Telecalculograph Mk. II. Designed to coincide with the release of the game Damnation, this steampunk PC case was given away as a prize on Destructoid. com. Keep an eye on Ebay and you might be able to snap it up! The link below goes to the artist's page.
Galvanic Magneto Inducer Bracelet
Designed and manufactured in England after the turn of the century, this unique bracelet induces a certain kind of galvanic magneto field into the wearer. This gives the wearer a sense of calm and tranquility only achieved from meticulously crafted awesome jewelry.
Electro Magnetic Chamber Necklace
This necklace is an incredible piece! The glass chamber has a gothic tadpole in it and the top is corked into the tube and can be removed. If you're into steampunk, it could be a real jewel to top off a complete look.
Eccid Blaster Steampunk Ray Gun
If you can only afford one Colonel James Fizziwig blaster, then this is the one you want to own. The laser cartridge is removable and the whole gun comes off of the stand. Proudly display it and always be ready for the call to action!
Carved Steampunk Dice
These beautifully carved steampunk cubes of randomness are perfect for gamers who love old time machinery. Roll for damage in style like a true gentleman!
Steampunk Nixie Clock
Bolted onto Lebanese cedar boxes, neon tubes called "nixie tubes" display the time and temperature. These tubes are the 1950's equivalent of LED displays. Even cooler, the filaments are shaped to mimic Russian typography of the space age. Nice!
Steampunk Dragon Heart Necklace
A heart shaped necklace combining dragons and steampunk? GET OUT! Look at the awesome depth in the design. How could you not want to own this right now???
Pocket Watch Necklace
This tiny little stopwatch necklace is very cute and unique (about the size of a gold dollar). The tiny tea cup charm is a beautiful touch to the Alice in Wonderland tea cup theme. Reviewers on Amazon absolutely love it! Makes a great gift for a special lady!
Steampunk Piston Double Ring
Sometimes your ring finger needs a little help flexing to its full potential. That's the power of pistons working in conjunction with steam. How else would you explain how this works? Truly unique!
Steampunk Light Switch Cover
Ready to make your own steampunk devices? Start simple with this simple do-it-yourself light switch cover project. You just need a Home depot brass light switch cover, some gears, a blowtorch, some solder, drill with buffer, and a couple tablespoons of ammonia. You can do it!